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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  December 7, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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[screams] >> shannon: i don't think that's exactly how the ad goes. by the way it's not over. no online show tonight. thank you for watching "special report," i'm shannon bream. good night from washington. captions by closed captioning services >> trace: a package bomb mailed to the chief executive of a major blank. plus, blago is sentenced. the guy who tried to sell president obama's old senate seat will pay a hefty personal price. >> the former illinois governor apologizing today for his terrible mistake. and, for his potty mouth. >> i have got this thing, and it's [bleep] golden. >> trace: but golden couldn't talk his way out of prison. plus, iran threatens to show off the american spy plap plane it claims it shot down.
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now, there is word the u.s. considered going into iran to get the drone back. and this was not supposed to happen. >> a very loud boom. all the roof tiles are demolished. >> tonight, a tv stunt goes very wrong. but first tonight, blago gets 14 years in the big house. i'm trace gallagher in for shep. a federal judge in chicago today sentencing the former illinois governor rod blagojevich for his conviction on charges of corruption. a stiff sentence even in the state long known for its crooked politics. as you recall, earlier this year a jury found our blago guilty on 18 counts, including trying to sell president obama's former illinois senate seat. up until now, blagojevich maintaid his innocence despite damning evidence, including government wiretaps. remember these gems?
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>> and i'm left with gridlock a [bleep] speaker. potential impeachment and a [bleep] president who is all take and give. i got this thing and it's [bleep] golden. and i'm just not giving it up for [bleep] nothing. >> trace: but today blago did something he has never done before. he offered an apology and even admitted he broke the law. none the less, the former governor remained true to form and after sentencing he vowed to continue fighting his case. >> this is the time for me to be strong for my children, be strong for patty. this is also a time for patty and me to get home so we can explain to our kids, our babies amy and annie, what happened, what all this means and where we are going from here. we will keep fighting on through this adversity and see you soon. >> in february he can look
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forward to sharing a cell and possibly scrubbing toilets for 12 cents an hour. he will also be the second illinois governor in a row sitting behind bars along with george ryan and the fourth to do time for corruption in just the last four decades. mike tobin is live tonight outside the federal courthouse in chicago. mike, was the judge trying to send a message here? >> no doubt about it judge james zagle made it clear. his predecessor got six years. governor blagojevich didn't get the message. he was next in line and took care of himself without taking care of the public much the prosecutors backed up this notion saying that this sentence is meant to send a warning to the old school illinois politicians. >> the message that needs to go out to officials who would think about being corrupt is that the consequences not just for the state but for people who go corrupt themselves are severe. appropriately severe. >> blago did manage to knock
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three years off his sentence with apology. he even apologized for the language on those audiotapes. he called it profane. he called it ugly. he called it self-absorbed and selfish. now, he will get 11 years and 11 months before he has an opportunity for parole. that means he will be about 67 years old before he has a chance to get out, trace. >> trace: mike, is this the last we are going to hear from our blago? >> no. it isn't. you know, the appeal was a given throughout this process and a the lawyers made it official today. the appeal is on. besides, he doesn't have to report until february 16th. if he wants to do any interviews before that time, he can do them, trace. >> trace: mike tobin live outside the courthouse. thank you. happening right now new york city banks on alert tonight after the police say someone sent a mail bomb to the ceo of deutsche bank in germany. now, nobody was hurt. but the fbi tells us there is no specific threat to new york. but the nypd is increasing
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security at deutsche bank offices in the city. and it's warning other banks to do e forlyr chairman of deute bank died in a car bombing in germany more than 20 years ago but investors are not suggesting there is any connection there. and fox news is america's election headquarters. and the gospel candidates going after president obama today on israel. most of the top contenders speaking to a group that claims to be the largest ever gathering of jewish republic activists. and this is one time the republic rivals all seem to agree. >> israel shares a commitment to our core principles of personal freedom. and, yet, president obama systematically undermines that relationship with israel. >> he has publicly proposed that israel adopt indefensible
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borders. he has insulted prime minister benjamin netanyahu. >> it's always israel's fault no matter how the other side has to stop. >> mitt romney also accusing the president of being timid and weak in the nuclear showdown with iran. campaign carl cammeron is live in our d.c. newsroom. carl, you talked with romney today and is he going after the new republic frontrunner, right? >> yeah. you are talking about newt gingrich. romney made it pretty clear that he will go after gingrich not only on public policy but also on more personal matters and when i spoke to him, he sort of listed a whole series of issues on which he intends to criticize gingrich. >> speaker gingrich has said that we ought to get rid of our child labor laws. that, i think, is a mistake. he has indicated that for people who have been here a certain length of time, we should let them stay in the country with a form of amnesty. i think that's a mistake. the list will go on and on as we get a clear indication of
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exactly where the speaker stands. >> the list will go on and on. and in a new ad launched today, romney focuses on himself, his wife of 42 years and he he pledges to be true to his family. it's an intentional values in character contrast gingrich who has admitted affairs and been married three times. this part of the issue is not going away. romney is now on offense trace. >> carl, gingrich had another important event as well, right? >> this is pretty big deal. gingrich met this morning with 75 of some of the most powerful old school movements in d.c. the ones who have been trying desperately to find alternative to romney. private meeting across the platomic in virginia. they peppered gingrich about their concerns over past conflicts over personal life and personality. gingrich may not have been what they were looking for all this time. by the time finished answering all the questions he got a standing ovation. this is a core bunch of conservatives dead set against
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voting for romney and looking for somebody they can get behind. >> trace: carl cameron live for us in washington. a risky mission in iran to stop that country from getting a hold of our top secret technology. of course, it didn't happen and it's too late now. the islamic republic has possession of the sophisticated stealth drone that went down last week. it's similar to this one iran sr forces sho it down in t eastern town of kashmir. but u.s. officials have said it more likely malfunctioned and landed on its own. now a senior u.s. official confirms to fox the military considered blowing up the wreckage or even sneaking into iran to get the drone back. in the end though, officials say the dangerous mission just was not worth the risk. jennifer griffin with the news. she is live at the pentagon. jen, what was the military's plan, exactly? >> well, there were three plans prepared by the pentagon. the first one would have
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involved a u.s. special operation troops sneaking into iran and trying to retrieve the drone. the sent no drone. the second plan would have that same group actually go in and destroy the drone on the ground so the technology didn't fall into iranian hands. the third option was to bomb the drone from the sky. they knew where the drone had drifted and where it had essentially landed because they had satellite imagery. in the end they decided not to do any of these three things because they thought that any sort of action might be perceived as an act of war, trace. >> trace: jennifer, we are also getting a better idea of what caused this thing to go down, right? >> that's right. we have been reporting since monday that our sources tell us that they believe that the drone essentially lost contact, broke its tether with its operator. it began floating and what is interesting about this high tech sentinel drone is it has a honing device, we're told that would normally make it fly back to its own base.
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that base is in shindand western part of afghanistan, a place they have been staging a lot of drone surveillance over iran over the eastern part of iran. again, they don't know why it did not go back to its home base. >> trace: jennifer griffin live for us at the pentagon. thank you. the syrian president now talking about the bloody crackdown in his country. that investigators say has left thousands dead. coming up, we will hear directly from the president and why he says he does not feel guilty. plus, contraceptive controversy. the feds making a decision on whether anybody should be allowed to buy the morning after pill. we have it for you next as fox reports live. get technology they love,
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secretary kathleen sebelius overruling her own experts at the food and drug administration. the f.d.a. decided the plan b pill should be available over the counter, but secretary sebelius says she is worried young girls may not understand how to use the emergency contraceptive. girls 16 and under can still get the drug. they need a prescription. those 17 and older just need to prove their age. well, the thousands of deaths in syria are not his fault. that from syrian president bashar assad. who today strongly denied he ordered his troops to slaughter unarmed civilians, despite the fact that he is the commander of that country's armed forces. of course the united nations reports president assad's regime has reported crimes against humanity by killing unarmed protesters calling on assad to step down. the u.n. claims more than 4,000 syrians have died in that 10 month uprising but in an exclusive interview with
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abc barbara walters airing today, president obama denied responsibility. listen. >> not my forces. forces belong to the government. i don't own them. i'm president. i don't own the country. >> you have to give the order. >> no, no, no. >> not by your demand? >> no one's command. there is no command to kill or to be brutal. >> assad also blamed the violence on criminals and religious extremists who he said were getting in the mix with peaceful protesters, the chief fox report correspondent jonathan hunt with the news. is he live in new york tonight. this is a pretty extraordinary interview. >> breathtaking is probably the best word for it, trace. here is a dictator who has complete and utter control of his security forces denying any culpability for the atrocities committed over the past nine months by those forces. here is more from that exclusive interview with abc
4:16 pm
barbara walters airing today. listen. >> we don't kill our people. nobody kill no government in the world kill its people unless it's led by crazy person. i game president by public support. it's impossible for anyone in this state to give order to kill. >> do you feel guilty? >> i did my best -- not feel guilty when you do your best. >> in the annuals of crazy claims by crazy dictators, the very idea that he has nothing to do with the killing of those unarmed protesters really puts him up there, trace, with colonel qaddafi. >> jonathan, is there any reaction from the u.s. tonight? >> the u.s. reaction has basically been one of bemusement and horror. the white house spokesman said that it simply was not credible. and listen here to the state department spokesman mark toner. >> he appeared utterly
4:17 pm
disconnected with the reality that is going on in his country. and the brutal repression that's been carried out against the syrian people. it's either detection, disregard, or, as he said, crazy. i don't know. >> one thing to be aware of here in saying that he is not responsible for any death, president assad may have signaled to his military commanders that is he going to blame them if and when the end comes. that could have of course persuade more of those military commanders to defect and side with the protesters. that may, in effect, trace, hasten president assad's end. trace? >> jonathan hunt live in new york. jonathan, thank you. attorney general eric holder is headed for the hot seat tomorrow over his role in operation fast and furious. and we have got advanced word of what he will tell lawmakers calling for him to resign. that's coming next.
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plus, police releasing chilling new video from last december's terror attack in sweden. and explaining why nobody died. but the bomber.
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>> trace: attorney general eric holder about to come face to face with some of the lawmakers calling for him to resign over operation fast and furious. holder is set to testify tomorrow on capitol hill. but he insists he did not know about the program that was supposed to track guns from the u.s. to mexican drug lords. instead, investigators say the feds lost track of hundreds of weapons. and two of them turned up at the scene of the murder of u.s. border patrol agent brian terry. william la jeunesse is here with more. >> trace, today senator charles grassley from iowa
4:22 pm
called on lanny brewer, holder's number two man at the justice department to resign. basically accusing him of misleading and deceiving congress as chief of the criminal division about materials he sent to congress. denying that he reviewed a letter that document show brewer did receive, read, and even forwarded to his own email. >> mr. brewer's failure to be candid and forth coming before this bod irreparablably harms his credibility. >> tomorrow, the house judiciary committee will grill attorney general holder about fastnd furious. so far some 50 republic lawmakers and three senators have called on holder to resign. holder will say his department did not know about the controversial tactics of fast and furious and in his prepared remarks show that combative tone showing lawmakers should arrive above partisan gotcha games and not turn mistakes into a political side show or media opportunity. expect push back from republicans.
4:23 pm
>> we have a dead u.s. agent and yet we have an administration with people saying i didn't really read the memo. that's not acceptable and they continue to thwart our ability to investigate this. >> now, holder says he will continue to wait for inspector general's report before he assigns blame but expect this battle to continue over answers and documents. >> trace: tomorrow should be very interesting. william la jeunesse live with us here. thank you. police in state college, pennsylvania rearresting the former penn state assistant football coach who prosecutors accuse of sexually abusing children for more than a decade. this is new video of jerry sandusky's arrest today. as you may recall, he is already facing 40 counts of abuse, but police took him back into custody after two new alleged victims came forward. now he is facing 12 more counts, a judge has set bail at a quarter of a million dollars. this is sandusky's newest mugshot. his attorney says sandusky was not immediately able to post
4:24 pm
bail. well the president reportedly says he won't go on his holiday vacation until lawmakers make a deal on the payroll tax cut extension. how close are the two sides to saving a big chunk of your paycheck? a live report from d.c. coming up on that. plus, alec baldwin launched a twit errant against american airlines after he said it booted him off a flight. well, now we are hearing from the airline. and that's ahead on "the fox report."
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trying to prove or disprove legend by using science and explosives. this time firing a cannon at a bomb range in california. investigators say the teen was trying to hit some water barrels and a cinder block wall. but the ball apparently took a bad bounce and smashed through a home 700 feet away. >> it bounced, went completely through that house, through all the sheetrock walls of that house. they were awakened by the settling dust of the sheetrock. >> kind of a tough way to wake up. but at least nobody was hurt. the cannon ball also smashed into an empty minivan. well, riot police beating demonstrators taking part in a protest against hunger and poverty. it's our top story as we go
4:29 pm
around the world in 80 seconds. philippines, cops using batons and water canons against the group. we are told the protesters were trying to reach historic breech in manila to bring awareness to what they call inequality in the country. riot police blocking their way, at least 10 demonstrators and seven officers hurt. italy, police say they can a put one of the country's most wanted mobsters. this guy had reportedly been on the run since 1995. officials say they found the mob boss in an underground bunker in his hometown in the south. china, police seizing illegal shipment of nearly 200 python skin. the longest nearly 20 feet. the snake skins often used in handbags and shoes. pythons and endangered species in china.
4:30 pm
japan. a special visitor for some kids north of tokyo. a santa claus from finland. >> wish you a very member, member christmas and better new year. >> the nuclear disaster last march forced these kids from their homes. this saint nick has been bringing christmas cheer to schools and refugee centers across japan for nearly a month. and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. i'm trace gallagher in for shepard smith. this is the fox report. a chunk of your paycheck could soon be gone if congress doesn't act. and fast. the social security payroll tax cut is set to expire at the end of the month. we're talking about an extra thousand bucks in take home pay for people pulling down 50,000 bucks a year.
4:31 pm
lawmakers on both sides of the aisle say they want to keep the tax breaks on the book. the problem, as you might expect, how do you pay for it? today the senate majority leader harry reid demande lawmakers make a deal or forget about going home. >> we're not going to leave town until it's completed. and i say to my republic colleagues, we can do it the easy way or we can do it the hard way. >> and the president reportedly willing to delay his holiday trip to hawaii until congress gets the job done. molly henneberg with the news. she is live in the d.c. newsroom. molly, democrats want to pay for the tax cut by raising taxes on millionaires. so what's the republicans' plan? >> hi, trace. one option is to gradually raise medicare premiums for wealthy seniors. house g.o.p. speaker john boehner says the most important thing is not to make the nation's economic situation any worse. >> the concern about the payroll tax is that we are taking money out of the social security trust fund, we have a
4:32 pm
trust fund that we all know is going broke. >> house republics also may add on a provision to speed up the cop destruction of a controversial oil pipeline from canada to texas that the g.o.p. says will create thousands of jobs. trace? >> but, molly, would the president veto that? >> president obama said today he would not accept a bill loaded with, quote, extraneous issues, including the pipeline, but stopped short of a veto threat. >> i don't expect to have to veto it because i expect they are going to have enough sense over on capitol hill to do the people's business and not try to load it up with a bunch of politics. >> the obama administration has pushed off a decision on that pipeline until 2013, the year after the elections. citing environmental concerns. trace? >> shepard: molly henneberg live in d.c. molly, thank you. europe will succeed in solving its debt crisis. that prediction from u.s. treasury secretary tim
4:33 pm
geithner after meeting in paris with the french finance minister. but it seems investors in the u.s. not so sure. stocks ending mixed after a back and forth day. the dow up 46 points, the nasdaq breaking about even and the s&p 500 up just two and a half. secretary geithner continuing his three day swing through europe. leaders there struggling to hammer out a debt solution by friday's summit of european union leaders. one german official dimming investors' hopes saying any deal seems unlikely to happen this week. the fox business network adam shapiro live in the new york newsroom. adam, what should investors be looking for tomorrow and friday? >> well, you can expect some real volatility thursday and especially friday unless they do get a deal on the table. you can actually, if you want to go and google, say spanish bonds or italian bonds, look to see if the interest rate on those bonds is rising. if they are going up, if it's
4:34 pm
costing those governments for money to borrow money, that's a bad sign that they are no closer to a deal. >> trace: are they going to really solve this, adam? if not, what does it mean for the average american? >> you mentioned that german finance minister who is pessimistic that they won't reach an agreement by friday. what it means to you and me, you can see what's at stake. you have secretary geithner in europe pressuring the europeans for a deal. you and i are exposed to this problem through u.s. banks, which may not have direct investment in the governments with huge debt over there. but do have exposure because of the insurance they have taken out on some of the debt over there. but, very simply, the global economy is at stake and even today president obama was on the phone with chancellor angela merkel. both of them agree that they have to come up with a solution by friday. >> the fox business network adam shapiro live in new york. adam, thank you. we are learning a series of technical glitches saved lives, possibly dozens of
4:35 pm
lives when a suicide bomber tried to blow up people in the swedish capital of stockholm last year. that is according to security officials there who today released new video of the attack. [gunfire] the iraq born suspect reportedly set this car on fire after rigging it with a bomb. officials say he may have planned to set it off once a crowd gathered around the car but a loose wire prevented that. and you can see the suspect here leaving a street packed with people. we're told he may have been trying to fix a problem with the explosives when the bombs went off. he is the only one who died that day. well, lawmakers say extremists are infiltrating our military with plans to attack from within. the new warning about homegrown terrorism is next. plus, word of a plot to sneak one of muammar qaddafi's sons out of africa. give him a false identity and make him a new home very close
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>> trace: we are seeing an alarming rise in terror plots against the u.s. military from inside our borders. that from the chairman of the house homeland security committee republic peter king. at the first ever joint session of the house and senate homeland security committees. >> our troops volunteered to go into harm's way overseas to protect all of us. they should not be in harm's way here at home and yet they are. >> the enemy is not a vague catchall of violent extremism but a specific violent islamist extremism. >> lawmakers also said plots against the military have grown dramatically since the bloody massacre at fort hood just two years ago which left 13 people dead and some 30 others hurt. prosecutors have charged the
4:40 pm
american army major middle ha sas san nidal hasan. he is still awaiting court martial proceedings next month. there is new evidence extremists are joining the military. catherine herridge is live for us on capitol hill. what are you hearing. >> one of the most dra mat ticket exchanges is between the chair of the house homeland security committee king and official who overseas homeland defense confirming that cases like fort hood are notsolated events. >> are there cases within the military right now involving perspective jihadists and terrorists that you are aware of. >> i welcome the opportunity to answer that question in closed session. >> since 9/11 lawmakers were told 33 alleged plots against the military and vast majority of 73% have unfolded in the last three years, trace. >> trace: catherine, we heard emotional testimony today from the father of the army private shot in arkansas. >> well, that's right. the shooting at the military
4:41 pm
recruitment center in arkansas in june of 2009 is seen by u.s. counter terrorism officials as a first case inside the u.s. that's linked to al qaeda and yemen. private william long was killed in a lone gunman opened fire. that gunman muslim convert later told police that he later justified because of the iraq wars in iraq and afghanistan. today we heard from private long's father army betrayed his family that had served with the military word war 1 and refused to call it an act of terrorism. >> it took me two years to get these back. these are my son's dog tags. he wore these when he took four rounds of 7.62 ammo from about 3 feet. on it there is the warrior east those, the last line of it is "i will never leave a fallen comrade." well, the army left him. >> and the lawmakers were told
4:42 pm
today that in so many of these cases really the driver of radical islam in this new digital jihad is not surprisingly the internet, trace. >> trace: catherine herridge live for us on capitol hill. catherine, thank you. it looks like one o the late libyan dictator muammar qaddafi's sons had a plan to settle down south of our border. right now officials say they are keeping saudi qaddafi in the country of niger he escaped after his dad's regime fell apart. investigators say they arrested people who plan to smuggle him into mexico. teams there say a criminal ring bought property and forged documents so they could bring him and his family to live near the resort of puerta vort we are a that. family members run out of their homes seconds before it explodes, our top story on a fox trip across america. >> kentucky, the blast
4:43 pm
destroyed one house in a louisville suburb and damaged two others. we're told it looks like a natural gas leak. neighbors say they heard the explosion loud and clear. >> it was just horrific. >> it knocked stuff off my wall. >> emergency workers sent one family to the hospital to make sure they were okay. oregon. a possible shark bite off the coast northwest of portland. witnesses say they saw a female surfer in trouble and another surfer trying to help. >> they had a hard time getting in. they kept getting swamped by leaves. you could see lost a chunk of surf board. rescuers say whatever bit her the injuries are not life threatening. arizona. phoenix firefighters deciding to let a transformer fire in a state substation burn itself out. an air quality official says all that smoke should not cause any health problems to folks in the area.
4:44 pm
oklahoma. ♪ we wish you a merry christmas >> oh, baby. oh my god. >> quite a surprise for a husband and his kids in tulsa. the oklahoma national guard delivering mom. she has been serving in afghanistan the past six months and that's a fox watch across america. >> fox across america is brought to you by volvo. volvo for life. >> trace: well, the war of words between alec baldwin and american airlines is not over. as we reported yesterday, the 30 rock star launched a twitter tirade against american airlines after claiming it had booted him for playing the game "words with friends" which sparked american to write the passenger was extremely rude to the crew calling them inappropriate names and using offensive language. given the facts above, the passenger was removed from the flight and denied boarding. a short time ago, baldwin issued an apology to
4:45 pm
passengers on his non-flight but he also fired a shot at today's flight attendants in general saying, quoting here: there are many now who walk the aisles of an airplane with a whistle around their neck and a clip board in their hands. and they have made flying a greyhound bus experience. there are new questions whether president obama even qualified to be on indiana's primary ballot back in 2008. and now we're hearing from some of the voters who claim they never signed a thing. a live report on the investigation is just ahead. but, first, the emmy winning actor harry morgan known to many of us as colonel potter on the hit tv series mash mash mash has died. he left a planned law on stage. eventually taking character roles like the western high noon. he co-starred in the long running tv show dragnet.
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>> trace: the first in the nation iowa caucus is just a few weeks away. as the candidates prepare for the 2012 election there are new allegations of election fraud from the 2008 indiana democratic primary. allegations involving primary petitions for then candidate barack obama and hillary clinton. eric shawn is live in the new york newsroom. eric?
4:50 pm
>> trace, there are questions tonight whether president obama legally qualified for the ballot in the 2008 democratic primary in indiana. our fox news investigation has uncovered more evidence of possible election fraud in a race for the highest office in the land. >> is that your signature on this. >> that's not my signature. >> did you sign this petition for barack obama? >> no, no. >> you did not. >> no. >> charity rory was stunned to see her signature on a petition for barack obama for the 2008 indiana democratic presidential primary. her signature was one of many allegedly forged on petitions to put then candidates barack obama and hillary clinton on the ballot. >> it's scary. you know, a lot of people have already lost faith, you know in politics and the whole realm of politics and so that's just kind of solidifies all of our worries, our concerns. >> robert hunter says his name was faked too. >> i did not sign for barack obama. >> someone forged this? >> that's correct.
4:51 pm
>> the investigation centers on democratic petitions that sail through the saint joseph county religion straighter board in south bend, indiana. the handwriting of voter registration deputy and democratic volunteer dustin blight reportedly matches writing on some of the suspect obama petitions. according to a handwriting analyst hired by the south bend tribune and the political newsletter howie politics, indiana. >> did you forge any signatures? >> i don't have anything to say. >> did you fake any petitions at all? >> i don't have anything to say. >> his lyer has said he did nothing wrong and any handwriting comparisons are meaningless. >> handwriting is not the same as the d.n.a. not the same thing as fingerprints. >> sign it real quick? >> yeah. >> thank you. >> the scandal that's prompted election officials to take steps to protect the upcoming presidential primary petition process threat the state. state senator broaden is the democratic chairman. >> we will get to the bottom of this. i knows as i as party chairman
4:52 pm
are committed to make sure we do all we can to make sure this doesn't happen again. we set bar higher in indiana. anybody would think twice before trying to tinker with the process. >> do you think the president qualified for the ballot? >> no. >> state republic party chairman eric holcolm has a blunt warning. >> this is the chicago way. it's not going to be tolerated in the state of indiana. i will tell my friends across the country they need to be on the lookout as well. it's just fact that some folk also do anything to try to win an election. >> the state, a democratic party calls what happened quote isolated. candidates need 500 signatures from each congressional district in indiana to get on the ballot. president obama made that cut in saint joseph's county by less than three dozen certifying 534 signatures. reported 150 may have been faked between his and hillary clinton's petitions but were never challenged. saint joseph county prosecutor mike devoric is now
4:53 pm
investigating the whole thing. trace? >> trace: senior correspondent eric shawn live in new york. thank you. news bytes now, an apparent security flaw on facebook giving some hackers access to founder mark zuckerberg's personal photos, including this one showing him holding what very much looks like a chicken. and this one with his girlfriend and dog. facebook officials blamed a software error. well, the authorized biography of apple's co-founder and former ceo officially the best selling book on this year. that's according to the web site. steve jobs by walter isakson taking less than two months to rise to the top of the list. you will recall it was published just a few weeks after jobs' death in early october. verizon reportedly set to challenge netflix with a new streaming video service, according to reuters. it will launch some time next year. it would also be competing with hulu and amazon prime. offering yet another way for
4:54 pm
people to watch movies and tv shows over the internet. well, as you know, today marks 70 years since the attack on pearl harbor which killed thousands of americans and pulled u.s. in to worlds war 2. earlier today, more than 100 survivors gathered in hawaii to remember all the lives lost. more from that ceremony is next. i know you're worried about making your savings last
4:55 pm
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4:58 pm
restriction. a u.s. official now says the government was considering going into iran to bring back a top secret spy plane. a state news agency there claims the drone was deep inside iran's airspace when it went down last week. and on this day in 1941, the horrors of war came to america's doorstep which japanese warplanes attacked pearl harbor in hawaii. it has been called the most important turning point of the 20th century. and it all began at a minutes till 8:00 on a sunday morning. many officers and sailors still asleep or at church. and then a single japanese dive bomber emerged from behind the clouds. 360 more war planes followed backed up by the might of the japanese imperial navy. like sitting ducks the arizona and score of other classes were sunk.
4:59 pm
3443 fighting men died in the inferno. >> trace: more than a dozen ships damaged or destroyed along with 300 planes. the news stunned the nation. the attack did not weaken america. it strengthened it. and the very next day the united states declared war on japan. war against germany and italy would follow and during the next three and a half years, more than 400,000 americans american service members would lose their lives. the united states would, of course, emerge victorious and today at pearl harbor a commemoration for an attack that forever changed this nation and the world. >> let no one disturb this sacred water in the harbor. they hold the watery graves of that date of infamy. and those among us whose ashes are yet to join you. remember pearl